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Teo Jasmin tours Dubai!

Teo arrives at Wamli in different characters and styles.

Dubai, UAE


The remarkable story and brand that is Teo Jasmin is now being featured on the UAE's most creative online store. With various personas, looks, products, and styles Teo has settled right in at Wamli in the shape of handbags, scarfs, wallets, and more.

Redefine "chique" with Teo Jasmin's diverse product collection, now at Wamli.com!

From hipster to pop artist or surfer dog to baby dog, Wamli has all forms of Teo. Designed excluslively in France, Teo Jasmin have tailored fashionable expression into a fun yet elegant art form. So, go ahead, check out your favorite Teo products and characters and get them instantly in the UAE at Wamli.com!

Wamli is a creative online store passionate about home design, pop art, and traveling in style! We delivery in the UAE in 1-3 days and ship globally in 3-7 days.

We welcome you to the Middle East's haven of the world's most exciting discoveries, mixed with innovation, originality, and fine craftsmanship!




About Wamli

Wamli is a creative online store passionate about home design, pop art and travelling in style.

We do next day delivery in the UAE, and ship globally in 3-5 days.

Wamli aims to bring the most exciting discoveries from around the world, beautifully mixing innovation, originality and craftsmanship, all in one place.