RAD Booger Kids for an Urban Outlook: An Urban Gift Guide for the Holiday Season!

Wamli Goes Urban with Booger Kids Collections!

With the holiday season fast approaching, the perfect gifts for your friends absorbed in the urban lifestyle are here! Wamli presents Booger Kids’ very own collection perfect for holiday gifting!

There always a few members of our family and friends that stand out from the crowd through their radical lifestyle and interests. 

Whether they skateboard, surf, or just are in love with the incredible world of urban art, Wamli brings you the ultimate holiday presents for these RAD loving legends!

In combination with Booger Kids, Wamli provides a wide variety of fashionable products that propel the lifestyle and appreciate the art of the urban universe!

Wamli is a creative online store passionate about home design, pop art, and traveling in style! We do next day delivery in the UAE and ship globally in 3-7 days.

We welcome you to the Middle East's haven of the world's most exciting discoveries, mixed with innovation, originality, and fine craftsmanship!

About Wamli

Wamli is a creative online store passionate about home design, pop art and travelling in style.

We do next day delivery in the UAE, and ship globally in 3-5 days.

Wamli aims to bring the most exciting discoveries from around the world, beautifully mixing innovation, originality and craftsmanship, all in one place.