Felicitations to Frequent Flyers: A Traveler’s Gift Guide!

Wamli Features Flight 001 to Complement Travelers World Wide.

With the holiday season fast approaching and traveling at an all time high, Wamli presents Flight 001’s unique, fashionable, and hip set of traveling gear. The perfect holiday present for someone on the move!

When the holidays arrive, travelers thrive!

Friends and family from all over the world pack their bags and head towards home or towards a vacation! The timing has never been better for gift giving and Wamli.com have the ideal holiday present solutions only a click away.

Featuring a diverse collection from Flight 001, Wamli provide a collection of travel gift ideas that range from creative baggage solutions, to baggage tags, some terrific bags, and their trademark Spacepak technology!

Wamli is a creative online store passionate about home design, pop art, and traveling in style! We do next day delivery in the UAE and ship globally in 3-7 days.

We welcome you to the Middle East's haven of the world's most exciting discoveries, mixed with innovation, originality, and fine craftsmanship!

About Wamli

Wamli is a creative online store passionate about home design, pop art and travelling in style.

We do next day delivery in the UAE, and ship globally in 3-5 days.

Wamli aims to bring the most exciting discoveries from around the world, beautifully mixing innovation, originality and craftsmanship, all in one place.