Wamli Establishes Itself in the Art Scene

Dubai-Based Online Shop Creates 'Artistic' Platform

Wamli is fast becoming the online destination for limited edition artworks and prints. Not only are the guys at Wamli creating their own 'Happy' art, they are also collaborating with local artists and bringing international talent to the region. Every piece is available for purchase online and is delivered in custom packaging with a certificate of authenticity.

Wamli is a crazy-funky-cool online shop based in Dubai, selling a massive variety of design-oriented products. They currently stock over 1,000 different products and are constantly adding to this list, bringing fresh new brands to the region (80% of Wamli's brands have never been sold in the Middle-East).

Recently Wamli has branched out into the creative arts, providing a platform for artists to showcase and promote their work. Their Wamli X Collaboration project aims to promote local artists and has been quite successful so far, adding the talented Khaled Albahri from Kuwait and Hudhuds from the UAE to their growing team. Both artists were very excited to work with Wamli, and have created limited prints for sale on the site.

The guys at Wamli have also formed their own creative brand known as 'Happy', focusing on design and art inspired by childhood memories. The first limited edition one-of-a-kind creation was the '40 Shades of PEZ', and they plan on adding to this very soon.

There has also been an interest for international talent in the region, so Wamli have teamed up with the world-famous Chris Appelhans, and are now also selling his unique Rainbow Monstr collection on their site (all prints are hand-signed by Chris himself). Wamli's aim is to add more world renowned artists to their repertoire. 

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For more information on Wamli's art platform and interview requests, please feel free to contact Tarek Idriss, Creative Head at Wamli, on 800-92654 or tarek@wamli.com.

"We want to make Wamli the go-to place to discover exclusive talent originating from the region; being able to buy their work and follow their growth/careers. Essentially we are creating a playground for dreamers and storytellers." Tarek Idriss, Creative Head at Wamli
"Wamli have been super cool in our collaboration. They really allowed me to express my artistic creativity and I'm really thankful to them for supporting me and promoting my work." Khaled Albahri, Artist
About Wamli

Wamli is a creative online store passionate about home design, pop art and travelling in style.

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