Are you Pro- or Anti- Valentines? customises Valentines Gift Boxes

Wamli has taken gifting on Valentines Day to the next level, by creating customised Pro- and Anti- Valentines gift boxes, each with it's own unique personality and limited edition set of products!

Let’s face it, when it comes to the 14th of February, the world is divided in two: those who are Pro-Valentines, showering their partners with roses, love letters and delicious chocolates. And those who are Anti-Valentines, preferring to boycott love by ordering a takeout dinner, lying on the sofa in their pyjamas and watching 'Breaking Bad'.

It doesn’t really matter which side you take (nobody is judging), but what happens if YOU are Pro-Valentines and your SWEETHEART is Anti-? Things could get a little tricky!

That’s why Wamli have come up with the perfect solution...

Pro- vs. Anti- Valentines gift boxes!

Each box has it's own story and contains a unique combination of limited edition products, that can cater to any type of person. So whether your love is the happy-go-lucky type, or slightly passive aggressive, you're sure to find the right Valentines Box for them!

On Wamli's homepage banner you can take your pick; are you a Love Bird or a Lone Wolf? Once you have done so you will be redirected to the right boxes for you! Try it out by clicking the link below:

Are you Pro- or Anti- Valentines?

Below are a few images of the Pro- and Anti- Valentines boxes, for the complete gallery of high-res images visit the following link:

Wamli's Valentines Box Images

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"We wanted to approach Valentines the Wamli way; with a bit more 'toungue-in-cheek' humour. Thats why each gift box carries it's own unique message, some of them light-hearted love jokes and one or two with dark sarcasm - something for everyone I guess!" Tarek Idriss, Creative Dude at Wamli
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