Wamli.Com Launches Beta 2.0 of Online Shop To Ship Cool, Fun and Quirky Products Across The Globe

Wamli.com Beta 2.0 improves social and reward elements while activating global shipping

So what’s new? Live chat… Multicurrency… Worldwide shipping… Cash on Delivery in U.A.E…. Streamlined user experience… Major overhaul to the ‘Feed’ • Much cleaner • Better structure • More social Showing members what really matters. Friend finder Find friends already using Wamli via your Facebook or Gmail. Endless scroll Faster and hassle-free shopping experience

Geeks and aficionados the world over have a hankering for quirky products. Well designed, cool stuff. Retro designs that nevertheless serve a modern purpose. Things you might not need, but most definitely want. Now, a new Dubai startup is bringing these novel products to an online platform with global reach and shipping.

Wamli.com, a Dubai based start-up, has launched the new Beta 2.0 version of its online social hub for shoppers and collectors to source design oriented items from around the world. Not only does Wamli celebrate the need of enthusiasts to collect unique products, it is a global portal that ships internationally within three to ten days. It creates a business out of stoking – and satisfying – customer desire for geeky stuff that you just wouldn’t find elsewhere.

Products available at Wamli.com range from the practical to the fun, with gift items such as stools, foosball tables and figurines rubbing shoulders with cleverly designed technology products. Other categories include daily essentials such as stationery, travel articles, fashion related products like swimwear and wallets, and home design accessories like furniture, lamps and wall art.

The Crazy-Funky-Cool category of products pays homage to Wamli.com’s geek chic roots, and offers products that are unique, peculiar, fun and collectible. Other interesting products include bicycles and scooters, and even a yacht or two. 

On one level, it’s a hub for quirky and fun products that first launched on 12/12/12. But Wamli’s true charm lies in its social side. A one of a kind loyalty and rewards programme, its own virtual economy, a dynamic ranking system, and the ability to earn spendable points every time one buys, shares or browses, are turning Wamli into a social experience where users can spend hours.

“Wamli is a place collectors and enthusiasts to converge to find quirky stuff from the world over, and also be part of a social community and gaming experience. The products are well-designed, fun –and are wrapped in cohesive social ecosystem where users earn Wamli Coins whenever they browse, shop, and play. Our Beta 2.0 makes Wamli even easier and friendlier, while building on all the elements that made us popular in the first place,” said Rabih Ghandour, CEO, Wamli.com.

Tweaks and updates in Beta 2.0 include multi-currency options and worldwide shipping. Wamli is also offering substantially reduced shipping, particularly for GCC countries.

Other improvements include cash on delivery options within the UAE. Members can now subscribe to Wamli’s blog feed, and also find other friends who are already on Wamli. Detailed explanations have been added to the site, and social elements have been simplified and streamlined. Some of the product pages now have overview videos for products.

Wamli Coins, the reward currency powering the site’s economy, have been made more relevant and easier to earn. Each purchase earns users coins worth 100 percent of the product’s value, as opposed to 20 percent previously.

Wamli.com was conceived and developed in Dubai, with the company relying on in-house design and production from the start. Its simple, clean yet interactive design is easy to navigate for newcomers shoppers, yet sufficiently rich to keep online veterans engaged.

“The Wamli.com model is disruptive to standard e-commerce because of the way it integrates gameplay, social recognition and unique products from around the globe, combining it into a thriving community with its own virtual currency. Our Beta 2.0 is a big step for us, where we’ve used our experience and user feedback since going live to improve the overall user experience in many different ways. Wamli’s new site is better in a lot of small ways, but users are definitely going to notice the bigger rewards, better shipping rates and easier to navigate product pages,” Ghandour concluded.

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